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Welcome to GNotes!

The personal notes of Gianni Martire

I love sharing ideas, so I launched gnotes. On this platform, I present a small sample of inventions and discoveries that I believe are worth discussing. If the discussions become helpful and productive, I will post more ideas to discuss. If you would like to collaborate on a project, please reach out to me at g at gnotes dot org. I have severe dyslexia, so please excuse any misspellings or short emails.

I am a self-taught physicist, tech co-founder, angel investor, and Y Combinator alum. I started my first tech company at the age of 19, and since then, I have co-founded ventures in multiple fields, from a popular location app to a SaaS platform that detects phone fraud for the top 10 US banks. Now I am focused on bringing back the good old days of Bell Labs but in an independent and self-sustaining way (Applied Physics). When I am not inventing, I enjoy teaching adults and teenagers about science through Applied Physics’ TGIF (Technical Global Innovation Fridays) program.