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The personal notes of Gianni Martire

Gianni Martire: I love sharing ideas, so I launched gnotes. From this platform, I’ll present a small sample of inventions and discoveries that I feel merit discussion. If the discussions become helpful and productive, I’ll post more ideas to discuss. If you would like to license a patent or collaborate on a project, reach out at: g at gnotes dot org (encrypted). I’m severely dyslexic, so please excuse my short emails and any misspellings.

About Gianni Martire: I’m a self-taught physicist, tech co-founder, angel investor, and Y Combinator alum. I started my first tech company at 19, and since then I’ve cofounded ventures in multiple fields, from a popular location app to a SaaS platform that detects phone fraud for the top 10 US banks. Now I’m focusing on bringing back the good old days of Bell Labs but independent of government and self-sustaining (Applied Physics). When I’m not inventing, I enjoy teaching kids about science. I also like waffles.