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Sometimes not knowing how crazy something is, is a good thing.

Physical Warp Drives

Here we present the first-ever model for positive-energy (physical) warp drives. Warp drives are science fiction–like engines that warp the fabric of spacetime and form the basis of gravitational propulsion systems that could allow spacecraft to achieve near-light speeds (i.e. Ludicrous Speed). With a model that reduces energy requirements by a factor of 30 and one that proves warp drives can function without exotic theoretical fuels such as negative energy, we have confirmed warp drives are indeed physically possible. We now know humanity will become interstellar as warp drives are no longer considered science fiction.

Geothermal Architecture

There is currently an immense need for beautiful, low-cost, disaster-resistant, rapid ecological construction. These geothermal “colinas” cost ~30% less per square foot, last over a hundred years, use ~74% less electricity in warm months, resistant to fire, earthquakes, hurricanes, and increases the green footprint of an area. Each dome has a 360-degree geodesic hydroponics garden, where unobstructed sun replaces costly LEDs and recycled water is used to tend to the building’s community garden. Each dome is air formed with a “colina balloon” sprayed with concrete mixed with metal fibers made from recycled soda cans (it won’t corrode). The exterior is literally dirt cheap and can be crafted into very low cost or detailed floral designs to suit any style and budget.

GNotes, the personal notes of Gianni Martire


Every year, millions of infants and elderly die from preventable heatstroke in developing nations. The moment I learned this, I took a break from warp field mechanics and MacGyvered an air conditioner that can cool down 105°F (41°C) air to room temperature and produce no pollution without needing a power grid, all for about $15 in supplies. Target locations: India, Nigeria, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, etc…

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