Geothermal Architecture

Redefine Underground Living

Geothermal Sleeping

Geothermal Architecture: Experience the ultimate in luxurious sleep with geothermal temperature control. Our earth domes are buried under two meters of earth, which regulates the living environment and maintains a perfect room temperature even in the most extreme conditions. You’ll never need a freon-pumping, wind-blowing air conditioner again. Instead, a ceiling fan and small fireplace are all that’s required to keep your dome at the perfect climate, eliminating the need for costly and outdated HVAC systems. Rest easy at night knowing your earth dome is the ideal refuge for earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, brush fires, fallout, and solar storms. Wake up to the beauty and fragrance of your home, every day with Geothermal Living. 

Music Hall or Bathroom?

Thought you sounded good in the shower? With this geo dome, almost every room becomes a music hall. Each essential two-meter tunnel can be transformed into a home office, playroom, breakfast nook, bathroom, and more. Use these geothermal tunnels to add unique designs and cozy nooks to your new life.

Redefine Underground Living
Grey Water Lobby

Grey Water Lobby

Each dome complex features its own grey and black water filtration system, which makes it fully independent of costly sewer or irrigation systems. The grey water is pumped through porous lava stones lining the lobby walls, filtering the building’s dishwater while creating a blissful and zen-like entryway into your new home. This sustainable design maintains the lush exterior of the dome without any additional costs or negative impact on the environment.

Shared Space

Each penthouse floor has a shared computer lab, a play room, a theatre-style meeting room area. Two meters of earth shield sounds from the outside and other units, making these nearby quiet getaways essential for multi-occupant living. Your home becomes the landscape with this timeless hillscape design. Have domes ever gone out of style? Domes are classic and super strong. This is one of the most beautiful, affordable, and eco-friendly ways of living.

Shared Space

Rooftop Hydroponics

Each dome feeds itself

Recycled glass can be cheaply cut into even triangles to form a strong geodesic dome on a budget

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