Geothermal Air Conditioner

Geothermal Air Conditioner Step One Geothermal Air Conditioner – Cooling the air. To cool the air, take a 5-gallon bucket, place a fan on top, and cut out the bottom to allow warm air to pass through the cold conductive U loop. Depending on the soil composition, each loop will remain at around 18°C/64°F, regardless […]

Geothermal Architecture

Geothermal Architecture Redefine Underground Living Geothermal Sleeping Geothermal Architecture: Experience the ultimate in luxurious sleep with geothermal temperature control. Our earth domes are buried under two meters of earth, which regulates the living environment and maintains a perfect room temperature even in the most extreme conditions. You’ll never need a freon-pumping, wind-blowing air conditioner again. […]


Physical Warp Drives

Physical Warp Drives Published in Quantum & Classical Gravity  Download Paper Warp Drives: The Alcubierre warp drive is an exotic solution in general relativity that allows for superluminal travel at the cost of enormous amounts of matter with negative mass density. For this reason, the Alcubierre warp drive has been widely considered unphysical (not possible […]